Rabu, 10 November 2010

Minho to make acting debut in “Pianist”

Minho to make acting debut in “Pianist”

SHINee’s Minho will be adding ‘actor’ to his resume, as it’s just been confirmed that he will be starring in a special KBS drama series.

Minho was recently cast as the male lead for KBS’s drama special ‘Pianist‘. Minho expressed, “Since this is my first time acting, I’m quite nervous, but I feel good all the same because it’ll be a new experience for me. I will try my best to show the same awesome image that I put on stage. Thank you.”

The character Minho will be playing is a 20-year old who was born with genius music talents, but unfortunately suffered misfortune as he was growing up. However, while helping his dad at the piano manufacturing factory, he opens up his locked abilities by playing the piano.

‘Pianist’ is the brainchild of PD Moon Jun Ha and scriptwriter Park Eun Jung. The drama also stars actress Han Ji Hye, and will begin filming on November 9th.

The drama will begin airing its first episode on the 20th.

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