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[Blog Entry] S.M The Ballad - The History Behind 'Miss You'

Now I can finally say this...Since promotional activities are over...This can be considered as the heartbreaking love story behind 'Miss You'...

The fans of TRAX, Super Junior and SHINee should all be familiar with the song 'Miss You'. Even if they have never heard of it they should have also seen the song title before...

Actually, this owner of this song was originally SHINee.

When SHINee's group name was still undecided, Jinki and Jonghyun had already recorded the song in duet style, there was intention to include the song in the debut album... At that time, there was a prelude which included Minho-goon's soft rap...An attractive baritone rape... @____@

But because it was incompatible with the album's image, there were plans to release it as a single instead...

But there was yet another change in plan, and the decision was to have Dong Bang Shin Ki's Xiah Junsu, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and SHINee's Jonghyun to perform it as a trio... (Kyuhyun-goon recorded this song before Super Junior-M's 'Better Tomorrow')

Everyone worked hard to finish recording~And....The trio's voices blended really well~Attractive attractive~

BUT!! With just 2 months before the album was to be released, Junsu released the declaration to break away from the group...

So there was a long waiting time again, and new members Jay and Jino were included to perform... This is 'Miss You'

This was released only after a really very long journey. The length of 3 years...

Am grateful that it can be born successfully... 'Where It Began' (This song was originally titled 'Where It Began')
I will often open up and listen.
'Where It Began' sang by Jinki and Jonghyun...
'Where It Began' sang by Kyuhyun, Jonghyun and Junsu....
Even though it's a pity that these versions are for my appreciation only, but it's because of these various reasons that I am able to meet Jino, it was a very enjouable experience.^^

(cr: soompi)

- - - - -

nah jadi intinya, lagu Miss You nya SMTB ini duluuuuu banget pernah dinyanyiin duet Jonghyun-Onew, waktu SHINee belum debut. tadinya lagu ini mau dimasukin di album pertama, tapi katanya ga cocok sama image album mereka -_____-

terus, Miss You juga pernah dinyanyiin Jonghyun-Kyuhyun-Junsu , trio, tapi pas dua bulan sebelum album trio ini mau rilis ada masalah, Junsu keluar~

nah yang sekarang Miss You dinyanyiin SM The Ballad deh~ jadi ASLINYA, lagu ini punya SHINee ^^


SHINee to Receive Award at Asia Model Festival Awards

SHINee will receive an award at the 6th Asia Model Festival Awards to be held at JW Marriot Hotel in Seoul on Jan. 21.

The Asia Model Festival Awards, hosted by Korea Model Association, is a cultural event to discover new models and award outstanding models and stars who contributed to advancing culture and arts through various activities in Asia every year.

The awards was inaugurated in 2006, and Korea, Japan, and China started to participate in 2007, followed by Philippines and Uzbekistan in 2008, Thailand, Mongol, Singapore, Taiwan, and India in 2009. It is now recognized as the only prestigious awards in Asia.

cr: soompi

chukae SHINee :D
di Seoul Music Award SHINee juga dapet 2 award :D


[LIST] Seoul Music Award Winners

High 1 Popularity Award: SHINee, SNSD

Performance Award: Bobby Kim

Digital Music Award: IU

Special Hallyu Award: SNSD

Trot Award: Jang Yoon Jung

Hip-hop Award: Supreme Team

R&B/Ballad Award: 2AM

Best Album Award: PSY

Rookie Award: The Boss, SISTAR, CNBlue

Bonsangs: miss A, Son Dam Bi, IU, 2AM, 4minute, FT Island, BEAST, SNSD

Daesang: SNSD

cr: koreaboo

[VIDEO] SHINee Won Popularity Award/Speech at Seoul Music Award

cr: bigbangSHINeeworld1@yt

di video itu Key nyelak speech nya Taemin, terus Taemin nyubit Key XD


A confirmed list of idol star participants for “Idol Star Athletics Championship”

130 idol members have confirmed their participation in the upcoming MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships‘ for the Lunar New Year Special.

The ‘Idol Star Swimming and Athletics Championships’ will be broadcasted as a two-day special for February 5th and 6th, and it was created after the great success of the original ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘, which was aired last year during Chuseok.

The athletics championships will be recorded at the Seoul Songpa-Gu Jamsil Stadium and Gymnasium, where they will record a total of 24 races including the 100m sprints, 50m hurdle, and high jump.

Confirmed idol stars for the competition include 2PM, 2AM, TRAX, T-ara, miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, B2ST, SHINee, Son Ho Young, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, After School, Lee Hyun (of 8eight), f(x), NS Yoonji, and MBLAQ. Unfortunately, SNSD will not be able to participate due to clashing schedules with their Japanese promotions.

- - - - -

130 idol telah mengkonfirmasi kehadiran mereka di MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships‘ nanti untuk acara Tahun Baru Lunar.

Ditayangkan tanggal 5 dan 6 Februari. Tempatnya di Seoul Songpa-Gu Jamsil Stadium dan Gymnasium. Mereka akan melakukan total 24 lomba: 100m sprints, 50m hurdle, dan lompat tinggi.

Idol yang akan datang: 2PM, 2AM, TRAX, T-ara, miss A, Brown Eyed Girls, B2ST, SHINee, Son Ho Young, SECRET, SISTAR, IU, After School, Lee Hyun (of 8eight), f(x), NS Yoonji, dan MBLAQ.

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