Rabu, 10 November 2010

Jonghyun's Tears For Chinese Shawols

We are all aware that a lot of fans were disappointed when news about SHINee‘s leader, Jonghyun, dating famous actress Shin Se Kyung broke out. This even made him apologize to the fans.

However, on SHINee’s recent fan meeting in Taiwan, he received a completely opposite response. Taiwanese Shawols held up their banners with the words “we will protect you, Jonghyun”. He was so touched that he couldn’t contain his tears. He did a 90-degree bow once again, not to apologize but to thank the fans for their support.

As of this writing, #wewillprotectjjong is on the top of Trending Topics on Twitter as fans from other countries are showing their support too. With these tremendous amount of support, we hope to see Jonghyun smile again.

Watch the clip here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byQ3UXLNq2c

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