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[INTERVIEW]JongKeyTae ’s Interview with Press at Taiwan

SHINee Lacking 2 out of 5 Members, Jonghyun Avoids Talking about Romance with an Awkward Smile.

Ever since SHINee member Jonghyun and actress Shin Se Kyung’s romance has been exposed, SM Entertainment has been strictly filtering and blocking media’s questions. While being interviewed during their Taiwan promotion trip, when asked about feelings regarding performing their new song, “Hello”, which describes a confession to a loved one, the company has also prevented Jonghyun from answering, causing him to only be able to smile awkwardly.

On the 6th when SHINee was interviewed by the media, Minho and Onew were absent as they had to return to Seoul to host “Music Core”. Taemin, Jonghyun and Key thus told the fans to not worry and that all 5 members will be present at today’s Fan Meeting, and also revealed that they will be singing a Mandarin song. Key said that foreign language lessons were arranged by their company during their trainee days and so simple Mandarin phrases are no problem to them. His words though said confidently, were easily refuted by Jonghyun who questioned him with “Are you sure?”, hence making Key turn red in embarrassment.

Becoming popular at such a young age, Taemin lamented that one can never foresee such opportunity. He had wanted to be a polite initially and only changed his dream to that of a singer when he came into contact with music in middle school. Jonghyun was talent-scouted by the company for debut because of his involvement in a band. Key has always dreamed of becoming a singer since young and started working towards the dream at 15 years old. Recalling about their first meeting, Taemin said that he looked a bit more mature as he had longer hair then, so Minho actually mistook him as a hyung and was stuttering when he talked to Taemin when in fact he was only an elementary school student then. “Because Minho has a little stammer when speaking to me, I thought he was a foreigner at first!”
SHINee Prohibits Mentioning Jonghyun’s Romance

Korean boy group SHINee member, Minho and Onew, has flown back to Korea early last morning to host “Music Core” and will be rushing back to Taiwan at night. As the Korean side has issued a “verbal ban” regarding Jonghyun and actress’s Shin Se Kyung’s romance, all sensitive questions were all blocked from being asked, and thus, SHINee which is already lacking 2 members appeared even more dull with Jonghyun’s silence.

When mentioning that their new song “Hello” is a song which like a love confession to a girl, Taemin suddenly glanced at Jonghyun who was smiling despite looking uncomfortable. He said cautiously: “Although it’s a song of confession, we always perform with our fans in mind on stage.” Key then said: “After singing so many strong and powerful songs, it’s feel pretty good to sing something that is more gentle.”

SHINee went up to the viewing gallery of Taipei 101 Tower last afternoon and kept exclaiming: “The elevator is really cool, and it’s super fast; but why is the viewing gallery at the 89th floor, isn’t it supposed to be on the 101th floor?” Due to the rain yesterday, SHINee was unable to see the Taipei night view as they had hoped to see and hence were rather disappointed by it.

SHINee will be holding “Hello Taiwan First Fan Party” tonight at the Taipei International Conference Center. Taemin said: “We have prepared a new stage this time, and also created a Taiwan version.” Key was being coy and said “For our individual performance, there will be a member who will be singing a Mandarin song.”
Minho and Onew Separates from Group, Rushing to and fro Taiwan and Korea in a Day.

South Korean popular group SHINee has been receiving endless invitations for hosting and thus members, Minho and Onew had to fly back to Seoul to record “Music Core” early last morning, and taking another flight back to Taiwan at night, rushing schedules in 2 different countries like superman.

Duo Returns to Korea for Hosting before Returning to Taiwan

SHINee members have been expanding to other areas, accepting hosting gigs for variety and music shows, resulting in a high exposure rate even if they have not released any album. Out of the members, Minho and Onew have just taken over from their sunbaes, SNSD members Yuri and Tiffany, the role of Music Core’s host. They have especially cherished this hosting chance; and have flown back specially for recording in Seoul from Taiwan yesterday morning and then taking another flight to Taiwan again at night. The fans have also not rested for a single moment, and have been going to the airport to receive and send them off.

Jonghyun Keeps Mum, Refrains from Talking about Shin Se Kyung

The other 3 members, Taemin, Jonghyun and Key have instead stayed in Taiwan for interviews by the media. Their company, SM Entertainment, has ensured that their artistes are well protected, and blocked any questions regarding the romance from being asked. When talking about the new song “Hello” which is likened to a sweet love confession, the manager specifically assigned Taemin and Key to answer while Jonghyun who has been revealed to be having a relationship with Shin Se Kyung, kept mum and did not dare to say anything much.

The 3 has also went to sightsee at the Taipei 101 tower during their free time before going to Chun Shui Tang to drink Pearl Milk Tea. They said with a laugh: “Because the fans and production staff all know that we like to eat Xiao Long Baos and drink Pearl Milk Tea, so for these few days while we are in Taiwan, we have been drinking at least 2 cups of Pearl Milk Tea a day and our stomachs are all filled with Xiao Long Baos.” They also revealed that for tonight’s Fan Meeting, there will be a member performing a Mandarin song as a surprise for the fans.

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