Senin, 28 Maret 2011

SHINee Minho joined the Football team "Oriole Football"?

Head of the Association of Korean singer, Tae Jin-Ah, working with trainer Kim Heung Guk formed Football Club (FC). Tim "Oriole Football" will be officially introduced on March 29, at Yeoeuido, Seoul.

They decided to make this FC form in order to demonstrate the participation of members in a friendship between two senior singers with two junior singer .. In addition, the plan later this FC are the participants will take part in doing fundraising for disaster victims in Japan.

Kim Heung Guk as coaches, no Jaehun will be captain, and Kim Jong Guk "second-in-command." It has been confirmed that the members of this FC consists of: Kim Gun Mo, Kim Bum Soo, Kim Chang Ryul DJ DOC, Kim Dongjun ZE: A, Minho SHINee, Park Sangmin, Park Hyunbin, Im Seulong 2AM, Yuyeol, Dujun B2ST Yoon, Yoon Su-Il, Lee Munse, Jo Hangjo, Chansung 2PM, Wheesung, Shim Shin, Park Namjung, Byun Jinseob, Lee Sangwoo, Pine, Sangchu Shori, and Lee Jung.

This is very suitable for the Minho, considering he really likes sports.


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